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Ellie was born unexpectedly but in her perfect time into the world in 2017.  I had a normal and healthy pregnancy up until she was born.  Ellie was born at 25 weeks and 2 days gestation. Ellie ended up having a bi-lateral Grade 4 brain bleed, surgery at only 17 days old to have PDA ligation surgery, and had a paralyzed left vocal cord, along with many blood transfusions and medications.  We were told by several doctors that Ellie would not have a good quality of life due to her brain bleed.  She wouldn't be able to walk, talk, or eat.  We believed and prayed otherwise!  Ellie had a roller coaster of a NICU stay like most micro-preemies.  We now have a very happy, energetic, and healthy 2 year old who walks, talks (all the time) and eats well!  It wasn't an easy road getting to this point but we are very grateful for the team of doctors and nurses who have helped Ellie along her journey.  With having a healthy pregnancy up until Ellie was born, we hadn't even thought of the NICU but to our surprise we spent 96 days there!  That is why we want to share our story and journey with others.

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